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The film describes historical events in the life of the heroine, Suriyothai, the queen of King Mahachakrapat. from the age of 15, ranging from love and attachment, royal wedding, resettlement in the capital, court life, intrigues, and sustenance of royal dignity.
During the 16th century, as Thailand contends with both a civil war and Burmese invasion, a beautiful princess rises up to help protect the glory of the Kingdom of Ayothaya. Based on the life of Queen Suriyothai.
If you&#39;re feeling bored by the #1 or the #21 film on the weekly boxoffice reports, this flick will be something out of the ordinary. There&#39;s a great deal about Thailand and its history that is unfamiliar to me, and many of you. The look, the culture, the sounds are all a bit new. Unexpected things keep turning up on the screen. Some of them like the acting and editing take a little time to get use to, but eventually things start to look and sound familiar, especially if you know your Shakespeare and European history. This is a story of warring kingdoms, of nobles and ladies scheming and killing for power, of lovers true and false, of honor and betrayal, and a little bit of humor tossed in to lighten things up. There&#39;s plenty of dead people, but one of the most moving scenes, the execution of a young king is at first a little strange and incongrously funny. In the space of a few minutes it turns cold and terrifying without ever showing a drop of blood.<br/><br/>Now I wonder if some Western director is going to steal the whole plot for a story that will be more familiar to Americans, something historical or maybe a science fiction trilogy.
Here is an awesome big budget period war movie from Thailand with exotic locations, exquisite costume, and exciting visuals–all this is great of course, but it can&#39;t hide the lack of focus in this movie. Every few minutes, there comes a &quot;break&quot; in the plot, where the pictures fades and a new section is shown. There are too many of these breaks, which do not have even transitions. Looking further at the plot, we can see that Suriyothai is absent from most of the movie, so the beginning narrative remark that &quot;this is the story about the woman that sacrificed for her country&quot; does not hold. Instead, this is about the transfer of power from people to people during the few decades of Suriyothai&#39;s life. We could even take Suriyothai OUT OF THE STORY entirely and it would not change much of its purpose.<br/><br/>Overall, Suriyothai is no extraordinary film. It has a great budget, which makes it look lovely to the eye, but it lacks a heart.<br/><br/>I did see the cut version [142 min], which I consider a misfortune on any occasion.
It's more interesting than it sounds. Besides the sheer spectacle, which is notable.

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